6 ‘hand portion’ body transformations you have to see to believe

Seriously. It’’ s in fact onyour individual.


We ’ re discussing your hand.


In case you’put on ’ t understand … here at Precision Nutrition, we established a system for food tracking called hand parts .

The essentials: Your hand functions as an individualized, portable portioning tool to assist you consume appropriately-sized meals.

.Your palm is a part of protein.Your fist is a part of veggies.Your cupped hand is a part of carbs.Your thumb is a part of fat.

Depending on your sex, age, weight, activity level, and objectives, you consume a particular quantity of each part daily. Preferably from entire, nutrient-dense foods.

That’’ s it.


It appears so simple that initially individuals frequently wear ’ t think “it ’ ll work. “ Where ’ s all the calorie mathematics?! ” they question.


And yet, the most significant issues frequently have the easiest options.


This straightforward approach has actually changed numerous bodies.

Strict calorie counting and determining works well for some individuals and some objectives. In our experience training over 100,000 customers, many individuals are able to utilize hand parts to ““ watch what they consume ” dependably and regularly.


And when it pertains to getting the outcomes you desire, what you do regularly matters one of the most.


That ’ s why we ’ re sharing these 6 extraordinary improvement stories.


Each individual’we ’ ve profiled– from an already-fit fitness instructor to a desk employee dealing with a health scare– utilized this easy system to accomplish their astonishing outcomes, with definitely no calorie counting, food scale, or tracking app needed.



. # 1: The workplace employee dealing with a health scare.


Tony Yavasile ’ s high blood pressure ran out control.


On top of that, he was seriously worried about his household history of diabetes and weight problems.

But with a busy task that included a lots of travel, it was hard for Tony to stay with a healthy consuming strategy.


The turning point: One of his foreign coworkers discussed he was looking a little, well, larger.

So, Tony connected to Precision Nutrition ProCoach Arthur Hernandez and began a yearlong training program to enhance his health.


At initially, Tony was hesitant of hand parts. “ My impression was that this was a trend; something like counting points, ” he states.

. “

But ends up, the system quickly resonated. “ What I discovered valuable,” and various from other methods of tracking food, was that it was simple and easy, ” he states.


He likewise enjoyed that he didn ’ t need to get his phone” and get in numbersinto an app. Or utilize a food scale. “ It ’ s a simple and easy technique that can be utilized in any setting, at any time, with any meal. ”


This was specifically real of dining establishment meals. “ When you use the hand techniqueto the plate of food that ’ s provided to your “table, you can ’ t assistance however acknowledge how poorly-balanced dining establishment meals are, in basic. For me, this was the greatest game-changer. ”


By the end of the year, Tony lost 44 pounds and 44 overall inches”.His high blood pressure went back to the “ green ” zone, too. Now he utilizes what he ’ s found out to keep his development.


“ Like every other life journey, I have the periodic obstacle, ” Tony states. “ But unlike in the past,” I have the tools to move past it and return on track. ”

. Case research study # 2: The female who went from overindulging to relying on the procedure.


When 24-year-old Sarah Terry ’ s partner signed up with the military, the set transferred toCamp Humphreys in South Korea. While it was interesting to reside in a brand-new nation, it was likewise mentally difficult.


“ I count on home cooking since I was overwhelmed, ” states Sarah.Believe: cooking( and consuming )a whole pound of pasta at a time.


But the very first time she went to a temple in her brand-new house, Sarah discovered she just had one gown thatfit. “ I sobbed and sobbed due to the fact that I had not recognized just how much weight I really had actually gotten, ” she states.


That ’ s when Sarah chose to make a modification,” and signed up with the Precision Nutrition Coaching program .


Like lots of others, Sarah questioned hand parts would work. “ It appeared too excellent to be real, ” she states. After years of sensation “bombarded with messages about food scales, calories, macros, and determining tools, Sarah was encouraged it couldn ’ t be this simple. “ I constantly felt there was a more complex response to food’and weight-loss. “”


As a previous calorie counter, Sarah had apprehension about offering the practice up totally. Initially, she still attempted to find out the calorie count of her hand-portioned meals.


“ Eventually I found out to rely on the procedure, ” Sarah states.


After losing 45 pounds in a year,” Sarah states she ’ s pleased with how far she ’ s come.


“ I didn ’ t requirement to cut food groups.“I didn’’ t requirement fancy tools or unique stomach tea or supplements or meal replacement shakes. Knowing that I simply required myself—– my hand—– and the capability to form brand-new routines was life-altering.””

. Case research study # 3: The coach who required a coach.( It settled big-time.).

Even coaches require training. That’’ s why Jesse Vang, a Precision Nutrition Level 1 accredited coach, employed a coworker to assist him feel and look much better. ““ I got that, plus method more than I anticipated,” ” states Jesse, now 31.


At the start of his program, the’5” ’ 7 ” coach weighed in at 157 pounds and was 17 percent body fat. Over the next year, Jesse followed a comprehensive strength training regular 4 days a week, integrating a HIIT exercise or 2 every week.

But the huge changemaker, according to Jesse: hand parts. (Surprise!)

““ For years, I was a devoted calorie counter. It simply wasn’’ t sustainable for me,” ” he states’. “ I didn ’ t truly concentrate on the quality of the food I was consuming. Rather, I had an objective of reaching a particular number, and there were days I’’d consume anything simply to arrive.””

. When his coach offered him the alternative of utilizing hand parts rather, #ppppp> Jesse was in fact eased.

Already accustomed to tracking, Jesse developed a system for guaranteeing he was fulfilling his hand part objectives for the day—– without the tension of in-depth logging. ““ I made it as easy as possible by utilizing the Notes app on my iPhone,” ” he discusses. He would just include it to his list for the day as soon as he had actually consumed a part.

This assisted Jesse monitor his parts without seeming like he was stuck on a stiff meal strategy. ““ The appeal of the hand technique is the versatility. If I consumed a bit more carbohydrates at lunch, then I’’d just drop my carbohydrates on the next meal. Following this technique conserved me a lot energy and time.””


By the end of the year, Jesse was 147 pounds and 8.6 percent body fat. (That indicates he lost 14 pounds of fat and got 4 pounds of muscle.) Even much better, he’’ s utilized his individual experience to assist customers: ““ My customers follow this exact same technique, and all are having comparable success.” ”

. Case research study # 4: The female who stopped chasing after excellence and restored her health.

When Laurie Campbell, 54, began the Precision Nutrition Coaching program, she was the heaviest she’’d ever been. “ My biggest clothing were too tight, and I discovered it simpler to stay at home in elastic yoga trousers and my other half’’ s saggy T-shirts, consuming many bags of chips that I constantly kept convenient,” ” she states.


Weight loss was definitely an objective, however Laurie desired more than that.

Looking back, one minute protrudes: having fun with among her granddaughters on the flooring. The little lady leapt up and escaped, and Laurie wasn’’ t able to get up rapidly to follow her.


“ It was humbling for me to understand I had actually lost a lot movement and strength when I was as soon as a devoted runner associated with physical activities and lots of sports,” ” states Laurie.


In the past, Laurie carefully counted calories. ““ I fanatically determined and weighed whatever. I put on’’ t believe that motivated a really healthy relationship with food.””


By setting difficult requirements for herself, Laurie set herself up for the severe low and high that include chasing after the ““ ideal diet plan.”


But when she changed to hand parts “? “ I discovered it to be a relief,” ” she states.( We hear that a lot.)


Hand parts likewise assisted Laurie comprehend how she might have put on weight in the very first location. ““ I recognized I was serving myself the very same parts as my hubby, who is significantly bigger than me,” ” she states.


By the end of the program, Laurie lost 38 pounds and 24 inches. Ever since, she’’ s lost 5 more pounds, simply by staying up to date with what she found out.

““ I’feel great now! I ’ m no longer ruled by food, diet plans, and compulsive tracking,” ” Laurie states. “ I ’ m not scared to have dessert, however at the very same time, I’’ ve discovered to keep those chips out of the kitchen.””


And finest of “all? “ I can quickly stay up to date with my granddaughters now. Well, the majority of the time!””

. Case research study # 5: The fitness instructor who got shredded as an experiment.

Extreme body structure objectives might need more accurate nutrition techniques. Typically, that implies making use of calorie and/or macronutrient counting.

But 34-year-old Luke Robinson, a Precision Nutrition Level 2 coach and owner of WolfPack Fitness, questioned if it needed to be that method.

After customers asked him a lot of concerns about hand parts, Luke chose to perform an experiment to see if hand parts might get him competition-level lean—– however without investing throughout the day in the health club. He understood the typical individual dealt with a number of nutrition difficulties like:

.““ I wear ’ t“have time. ”. “ I wear ’ t“wish to quit drinking. ”.”“ I put on ’ t wish to quit my preferred processed food. ”.

Unless he changed his practices throughout his experiment, Luke figured lots of people wouldn ’ t discover his outcomes relatable or convincing. He set the following standards for himself:

.He might just exercise 3 times a week.Workouts needed to be 30 minutes or less.Workouts needed to be done utilizing just concrete blocks (which cost him $2 USD each), bricks (50 cents/each), and a metal bar from the junkyard. No pricey fitness center devices permitted.Exercises might just consist of the essentials of strength training: deadlifts, pushups, crouches, rows, pullups, split squats, farmer’’ s stroll, side slabs, and slab variations.He needed to consume to ““ drunkenness ” a minimum of as soon as a week( for him, that was 3 to 4 vodka and soda mixed drinks).He needed to consume ““ processed food ” a minimum of when a week (such as sweet bars, sweet breakfast cereal, oily junk food, cookies, and so on).

Like Jesse, he monitored the number of parts of protein, veggies, carbs, and fat he consumed. This made it simple to change as required.

If he wasn’’ t slimming down, he ’d decrease his carb or fat parts by a couple of parts daily. If he was reducing weight too quick, he’’d include a couple of carb or fat parts each day.

This made it unneeded for Luke to count macros or calories—– despite the fact that he was attaining top-level outcomes. ““ You do not require to understand the precise macros or calories in anything,” ” he states. “ You simply require to understand that it’s basically relative to what you did the week previously.””


In simply 2 months, Luke went from 212 pounds to 200, achieving his objective to go from lean to extremely lean. As you can see from his images, the outcomes promote themselves.

.Case research study # 6: The mommy who got in the very best shape of her life.

After infant second, 37-year-old Kelley Derner invested 9 months dealing with her long time fitness instructor, Arthur Hernandez (plainly, a hand parts professional!), to return to her pre-pregnancy standard.

But she desired more. ““ I guaranteed myself that this time, I would do something simply for me. That I went through postpartum, consisting of anxiety and stress and anxiety, I required that,” ” states Kelley.


When her development stalled, nevertheless, Hernandez recommended attempting something brand-new: hand parts.

Kelley wasn’’ t offered on the concept immediately. It didn’’ t appear like sufficient food to her. ““ At initially, I believed I was most likely never ever going to feel complete once again,” ” Kelley chuckles.


She was likewise anxious she wouldn’’ t have the ability to determine parts properly.

Despite her bookings, Kelley provided it a shot. Gradually, she started to discover what parts appeared like for her body. ““ When I recognized what part sizes I must in fact be consuming, I was surprised,” ” Kelley states.


What ’ s more, she found it was possible to overindulge entire, nutrient-dense foods. Which even if she was consuming ““ tidy, ” overindulging was obstructing of her objectives.

For circumstances, by utilizing her palm as a referral point, Kelley saw she didn’’ t require a whole chicken breast to comprise one serving of lean protein. ““ I believed ‘ well, it ’ s simply chicken,’ which ’ s healthy, ’ however it was in fact way more than I required.”Now, I cut them in half. ”


Her takeaway? “ Hand parts aren ’ t about constraints. They’’ re about revealing you what’’ s proper.”


As for her outcomes, Kelley states she feels incredible. ““ I ’ ll be 38 in one month, and I look the very best I’’ ve ever searched in my life—– even after 2 kids.””

. What to do next …. Obstacle yourself to attempt something various.

When we’’ re comfy with a specific method of doing things, it can be challenging to alter things up.

As you check out in these stories, a number of individuals were previous calorie counters. And much of them had a challenging time considering that up.

So if you’’ re unwilling to quit calorie counting, macro counting, or any other approach of part control, ask yourself:

““ How ’ s that working for me?””


Are you seeing the outcomes you desire with the techniques you’’ re presently utilizing? If not, it might be worth exploring with something brand-new—– even if it feels a little uneasy at.

.Utilize our Nutrition Calculator to determine your personalized hand parts.

If you wish to attempt hand parts however you’’ re not exactly sure where to begin, have a look at our Nutrition Calculator .

All you need to do is enter your individual information like age, existing weight, and height, together with your objectives and when you’’d like to accomplish them. You can likewise show your food choices, such as plant-based, Paleo, Mediterranean, keto, and more.

Then, the calculator assembles a customized consuming guide that includes your customized hand parts (in addition to your macros in grams, if you’’ re curious!). Plus, it’’ ll provide you whatever you require to understand about putting hand parts into practice.

.Stay versatile … however constant.

One of the factors individuals are so effective with hand parts is that the system is extremely versatile.

Need more energy for your athletic efficiency? Include a part of carbohydrates.

Not reducing weight? Eliminate a part of fats.

No estimations needed.

At the exact same time, consistency matters. What you do on a constant basis is what truly drives your outcomes .

And thankfully, versatility enables you to establish your diet plan in a manner that allows you to do simply that: correspond.

So as you start to try out hand parts, keep an open mind. Change as required so that you can get where you wish to go.

And anytime you struck a snag, keep in mind: The most significant issues typically have the most basic services.

.Want aid ending up being the healthiest, fittest, greatest variation of you?

Most individuals understand that routine motion, consuming well, sleep, and tension management are essential for feeling and look much better. They require aid using that understanding in the context of their hectic, in some cases demanding lives.

Over the previous 15 years, we’’ ve utilized the Precision Nutrition Coaching approach to assist over 100,000 customers lose fat, get more powerful, and enhance their health … for the long-lasting … no matter what difficulties they’’ re handling.

It’’ s likewise why we deal with health, health, and physical fitness specialists (through our Level 1 and Level 2 Certification programs) to teach them how to coach their own customers through the exact same obstacles.

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[Keep in mind: If your fitness and health are currently figured out, however you’’ re thinking about assisting others, have a look at our Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification program ]

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