The Definitive Guide to Breaking Bad Habits

how to break bad habitsOver the past few months, you’ve probably picked up a few habits you might not be thrilled with right now. Maybe your new normal has you staring mindlessly at the fridge looking for something snacky (and packing on a few extra pounds). Putting your workouts off ‘til the gym reopens. Or managing your stress with another drink, another bag of chips, or another hour of scrolling through your social media feed.

A lot of my clients have noticed that the bad habits they used to have are resurfacing too. Which is totally normal given the circumstances. read more

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List of Australian Meal Delivery Services 2020

List of Australian Meal Delivery Services 2020

Families are busier than ever before!  And if you listen to podcasts or see the television, you will see the rise of many fresh meal delivery services.  These always seem attractive – not having to go food shopping with kids, having it delivered to your door and all the thought taken out of ‘What am I going to cook for dinner’.

Got a Meal Delivery Service and want to be added to our list?  Contact us today!

I won’t lie – meal delivery services are (of course) more expensive than buying and making food at home from scratch, and I’m certainly not pretending or advocating that they aren’t.  But after trying a few of these to see what the hype is all about – I can see both positives and negatives. read more

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New book: well-raised meat is good for you, the animals, and the planet


Are you conflicted about whether you should eat plenty of meat and animal products on your low-carb diet? Do you worry about the potential environmental or ethical issues, even if your health is visibly improving?

A new, engaging, and well-researched book will help you put your worries to rest and chart a healthy, conscientious way forward.

The new book, Sacred Cow: The case for (better) meat, was released July 14. It’s a thoughtful and in-depth examination of the nutritional, environmental and ethical controversies surrounding meat in the modern world. read more

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Weight loss and diabetes reversal: UK couple’s dramatic health improvements with low carb

2 views Add as favorite Sue Jones, of Eastbourne, UK, always struggled with her weight. As she aged, she thought she was bound to die in her 60s like her mother.

But she had a lot more life to live. What could she do about her weight, her extreme tiredness and her new diagnosis of type 2 diabetes?

With her husband Michael by her side, they decided to try the low-carb diet. Soon they found it not only helped them both lose weight and reverse their chronic health conditions, they loved the food.

“I started to feel better. It wasn’t overnight, but it was very quickly. Within a couple of weeks for sure,” says Sue. read more

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Dr. Susan Kleiner on “Power Eating” for Optimal Athletic Performance

For everyday gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts, nutrition is pretty simple.

Control your calories, eat enough protein, get a nice mix of carbs and healthy fats from nutritious, whole foods, and you’re basically set if you just want to lose fat, build muscle, and get healthier.

This changes for high-level athletes, though. 

When performance is your livelihood, nutritional optimization becomes paramount because dietary mistakes have bigger consequences. For instance, not properly fueling before a big event can mean the difference between winning and losing, and many athletes need to carefully manage their energy balance to ensure they’re not hindering their performance with a deficit or packing on unwanted fat with a surplus. read more

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Top 33 Books on Nutrition


Please let me know if I'm missing an important book.

How Not to Die by Michael Greger M.D. FACLM

The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung

Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Fifth Edition by Phyllis A. Balch CNC

Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr.

The Cheese Trap by Neal D Barnard MD FACC

The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz

Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford read more

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Low-Carb, Keto Instant Pot Carnitas

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Instant Pot Carnitas

Mexican cuisine offers some of the most flavorful and satisfying options out there. However, many of these dishes are made with carb-heavy wheat or corn tortillas or tacos. 

But not these delicious pork carnitas. With only two net carbs per serving, this keto-friendly pork recipe fits perfectly into your low-carb meal plan. 

Instant Pot Carnitas

This Instant Pot recipe is:


Instant Pot Carnitas

The main ingredients are:

Perfect Keto Collagen Powder
Pork shoulder
Bone broth read more

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BMJ editorial: Endorse low carb for COVID-19 prevention


A short but persuasive editorial in British Medical Journal is urging governments and policy makers to endorse the low-carb diet as a way to reduce the risk of serious complications from coronavirus infection.

Written by Australian science writer MaryAnne Demasi, PhD, who is deputy director of the Institute for Scientific Freedom, the editorial notes that statistics to date show patients with metabolic syndrome have worse outcomes:

the two most common underlying health conditions associated with COVID-19 infections are cardiovascular disease (32%) and diabetes (30%);
hospitalizations are six times higher among patients with a reported underlying condition (45.4%) than those without reported underlying conditions (7.6%);
deaths are 12 times higher among patients with reported underlying conditions (19.5%) compared to those without reported underlying conditions (1.6%);
two-thirds of people in the UK who have fallen seriously ill with COVID-19 have been overweight or obese and 99% of deaths in Italy have been in patients with pre-existing conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. read more

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What Is Sarcopenia and How Can You Defeat It?

age related muscle lossWhen most people worry about getting old, they focus on the obvious degenerative diseases like diabetes and cancer and Alzheimer’s or the catastrophic health emergencies that can occur, like strokes or heart attacks. They think about the melange of medicines they might have to take, the panicked rush to the ER in the dead of night, the slow but unmistakable descent into painful oblivion. But one of the deadliest health conditions afflicting older adults is also one of the most silent and unknown: sarcopenia, or the degeneration and loss of muscle mass and strength. read more

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Ketogenic diet is when you can have low carbohydrate and high fat meals. Some of the health benefits are stated below.


Keto diet takes you to the state of ketosis where in body starts consuming fats as a source of fuel instead of glucose. It starts lowering the LDL, high blood pressure. Instead starts increasing HDL which is good cholesterol and protects heart.

Obese people face problem of the heart risks and cardiovascular diseases.


It is a symptom of metabolic syndrome wherein there is high amount of hormonal dysfunction can be observed. The common symptoms of the PCOD can be irregular periods and infertility. read more

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