Many sources seem to suggest a ‘Mediterranean’ diet is the healthiest, yet many still seem to follow either an extreme of low fat or low carb diet. Why is this?

I hear/read a great deal of health care specialists, physicians, dietitians, nutritional experts in addition to see the result of polls/studies which recommend a '' Mediterranean ' -design diet plan is the most optimal/healthiest for human health.

There doesn'' t appear to be a specific meaning of what this is, however normally it appears to consist of animal items (even if very little quantities) like poultry, dairy and eggs along with fish a minimum of two times a week. The primary bulk of the diet plan appears to be great deals of entire fruits, beans and veggies. Grains are not omitted, neither is olive oil or perhaps little amounts of red wine/alcohol.

The macro split likewise doesn'' t appear to be severe, there is no over-reliance on carbohydrates or fats or proteins.

If this diet plan is extensively viewed as being the '' finest ' for health and living a longer life, why do so lots of appear to stay with either an extreme of low fat/high carbohydrate or a low/zero carb/high fat (e.g. predator, keto or Atkins)?

I see great deals of posts from individuals speaking about how animal food = cholesterol, yet it exists in a '' mediterranean ' diet plan. Very same uses in regards to individuals condemning grains, dairy, oil etc all being unhealthy in their view.

Interested to hear views on here.

Is a '' Mediterranean ' diet plan healthy when it consists of fish/poultry/eggs/ dairy/grains/oil/ alcohol even if very little amounts in addition to big quantities of veg/fruit/legumes?

If you follow a specific diet plan with an imbalance of macros (e.g. keto or high carb/low fat), why do you restrict the other macro?

Is there something wrong/strong proof which recommends consuming well balanced quantities of carbs/fats/protein in a single meal or throughout a diet plan is unhealthy? Not discussing the SAD (Standard American Diet), however foods which are entire, unprocessed, low/moderate GI and no additional sugar and so on


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