Menopause Diet: How Keto Can Help Manage Menopause Symptoms (+The Best Foods To Eat)

The symptoms of menopause can be challenging for many women.

The weight gain, hot flashes, skin changes, lack of sleep, low libido, irritation and mood swings that inevitably happen during this transition can make you feel extremely concerned about your health and well-being.

Luckily, you can manage these grueling symptoms with healthy habits, starting with your diet.

These side effects of menopause are caused by imbalances in sex hormones estrogen and testosterone.The ketogenic diet can help balance these hormones and potentially improve menopause symptoms thanks to its emphasis on healthy fats and protein. read more

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<aCarbohydrate Cravings? Why You Get Them (& & How to Stop Them).
8 factors why you might be yearning carbohydrates (+ how to repair each of them)

After you learn what discover are, you’ll never feel never ever to captive carb craving carbohydrateYearning Consume a meal high in carbohydrates and sugar and you’ll likewise have an increase in your blood sugar levels.
Weight problems and weight gain.
Severe cravings and thirst.
Anxiety, state of mind and irritation swings.
As we simply found out, most carb yearnings are the outcome of sugar withdrawal.: Go cold turkey on carbohydrates and right away begin day one with your objective carbohydrate macro set. The majority of individuals reach ketosis by restricting their day-to-day internet carbohydrates to 25g.
Slowly cut carbohydrates till you reach your objective. Stop consuming carbohydrates entirely and you might have to deal with carbohydrate yearnings for a week or month up until you’re in ketosis.
If you have to cut carbohydrates gradually, that’s absolutely fine too. Changing to your day-to-day internet carbohydrates is the hardest difficulty you’ll have to leap over on your keto journey. Changing your macros, on the other hand, is a task you’ll deal with more than as soon as.
Consuming 4 oz.
Carby foods like pasta, rice and oatmeal fill you up even if they’re not nutritionally pleasing. See, fiber is a carbohydrate your body can’t absorb. How to repair this: Aim for at least 30-40g of fiber every day. read more

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Cheating on Keto: Here’s What Happens & How to Get Back In

How many times have you had to admit you cheated on keto?

Since a ketogenic diet eliminates carbs — aka the foundation of the Standard American Diet — it can be challenging for most carb-raised people to follow all the time.

So whether you had a chocolate chip cookie or cheated with a few drinks for a special event, no one’s perfect.

But what does cheating actually do to your previously fat-fueled body?

Today we’ll break down everything you need to know about cheat meals and cheat days on keto, including: read more

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Is Diet Soda Keto Friendly? All You Need to Know About This Carbonated Drink on a Keto Diet

It’s no secret that soda has been the cause of some serious health concerns for decades. Not only is it packed with sugar, but the other artificial ingredients found in this carbonated drink make it hard to imagine it has any benefits.

We all have that one relative who goes to town on packs of Coke Zero on a regular basis. But what is this doing to their bodies?

While some people resort to diet soda for the lower carb count, it may actually be worse than regular soda or fruit juice.

Sure, it has no calories, no carbs, no sugar, and the same sweet taste, but that’s only because it’s packed with artificial, harmful ingredients instead. read more

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Insulin Resistance: How The Ketogenic Diet Helps

Have you heard about the connection between low carb eating — like the ketogenic diet — and insulin resistance?

While it may sound strange at first, there may be a positive effect between eating a low carb, high fat ketogenic diet and lowering or even eliminating your insulin resistance, as we’ll discuss in today’s guide.

We’ll dive into:

What Is Insulin Resistance?

Why Insulin Resistance is Bad News What Causes Insulin Resistance? How to Tell If You’re Insulin Resistant How a Ketogenic Diet Improves Insulin Resistance Lifestyle Choices to Reverse Insulin Resistance read more

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