Examples: Easy Low Carb Week – Keeping It Simple!

Keto SnacksThis week I had low carb fast food twice, one restaurant meal, found some great deals at Kroger, and otherwise had a super easy low carb week.

Keeping it simple is KEY for me.

Although I have to admit I love it when I do meal prep or cook, because it makes “grabbing something out of the fridge” easy and nice on busy days!

Here’s a quick photo tour of my low carb week, including my MyFitnessPal food diary for yesterday, to give you some examples & ideas…

Photo Tour of My Easy Low Carb Week

I had this beautiful salad at O’Charley’s with my daughter and her best friend when we went out for a solid healthy meal. That hit the spot! 😉

Low Carb at O'Charley's - Keto Dinner Ideas

This is more like “it did the trick” than “it hit the spot” but it’s a great grab on the go in a hurry – and a great deal too.

It’s “two double cheeseburgers, both plain, no bun please – just meat and cheese” from Burger King.

Low Carb Fast Food - Burger King Keto Options

As you can see from my receipt below it’s less than $4 – and it’s actually more filling than it looks like it might be.

You can get toppings like lettuce, mayo, pickle, etc but I was in a “no dripping & driving” situation. 🙂

Low Carb On The Go - Burger King for Quick Cheap Keto Meal

My favorite low carb fast food is McDonald’s sausage and round eggs, which you can get 24 hours a day anytime you’re on the road because they have All Day Breakfast now. 🙂

I ordered this as “4 sausage patties and 4 round fried eggs, please.”

That makes two meals for me, but it was convenient to eat real quick and have something to eat later while I was out the other day.

Low Carb McDonald's Breakfast Menu - All Day Breakfast

People always ask me how much that ^ costs.

It’s different at every location, and every time even. It’s usually cheaper to download their app and do the daily deals (just ask for no cheese and no bread – or just throw away the bread) – but here’s my receipt ordering it a la carte this time:

McDonald's Sausage and Eggs - Keto Breakfast Talk

I had my favorite cheesy eggs for at least one meal most days this week, lunch or dinner usually because I’ve been having a keto shake for breakfast lately.

I usually scramble 5 eggs in real butter with colby jack cheese cubed off the block. I can only eat about 3 eggs, so I finish the rest later.

Another trick for keeping my day easy. 😉

Keto Food Diary - Simple Low Carb Meals

I had to make a trip to Kroger this week and they had some GREAT deals.

I always love browsing their produce section too, because they have so many simple low carb veggie options for quick meals. 🙂

Like this beautiful asparagus!

Keto Vegetables : Asparagus

And Zoodles. 🙂

How convenient is that?!

Zoodles! Zucchini Moodles - Keto Veggies

I mentioned I’ve been having “Coffee Keto Shakes” for breakfast pretty much every day. That’s because they’re quick and easy (my favorite! lol) but also because they have collagen and coconut oil in them – and I’m trying to grow my hair back out. 😉

The hot shakes have been so convenient for getting straight to work on the cold mornings this week!

Keto Breakfast Shakes at Work

They’re from Ketologie and our discount code is LowCarbTraveler

You don’t have to use a blender or mixer or anything, or even a tumbler really – but I love that because it keeps my coffee hot and because I’m way less likely to spill it that way. Which happens often with mugs, I confess. 😛

I just add hot coffee & stir. The chocolate & vanilla keto shakes are both great with cold water too, but then you definitely want the tumbler to give them a good shake to mix them up well. They’re thick, rich & creamy – and really hold you over!

Low Carb Road Trip - Keto Shakes To Go

Another thing I love about the tumbler is that I can fit two individual shake packets into the tumbler for easy packing on road trips or just to keep with me on the go.

That’s super convenient. Then all I have to do is add water or coffee and I have a meal that holds me over! I’ve been making good use of these on my trips lately. 😉

Keto Shake Packets - Traveling Low Carb

Like I said, these Collagen Keto Shakes make a thick rich shake even with just water – which makes it perfect for a grab & go meal replacement in a hurry.

Plus I’m loving the results with my skin & hair from the collagen & coconut oil and high quality ingredients. 😉

You can get the individual shake packets in two flavors here to “try before you buy” – use my coupon code for a discount too: put in LowCarbTraveler at checkout.

Keto Meal Replacement Shakes for Breakfast

Buttery Strawberry Bacon Waffles

THIS was amazingly delicious! 🙂

When I got tired of eggs and shakes, I discovered I had some more low carb waffles in my freezer. They’re gluten free, keto friendly, super thick – and just 4 net carbs each.

Strawberry Bacon Waffles - Keto Breakfast

They’re Know Foods Waffles and if you use the discount code LYNN at checkout you’ll get 15% off. 😉

First I made the bacon. I diced up some strawberries and simmered those in butter with cinnamon:

Keto Kitchen Talk: Cooked Strawberries Simmered In Butter

Then I fried the Know Waffles in bacon grease, because… why not?!

It sounded good. And it was! 🙂

Keto Waffles Fried In Bacon Grease - Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

I put the bacon on top of the fried waffles, then poured the strawberries & hot butter over the top of it all.

Mercy! 😍

Bacon and Berries - Keto Breakfast

That was entirely too much to eat in one sitting lol.

I made two meals out of that. Two DELICIOUS meals. 🙂

Keto Breakfast Ideas - Not Eggs :)

The Know Waffles are VERY thick. I’m going to try slicing one in half with a sharp knife… and make a thinner grilled ham & cheese with them next. 🙂

I snacked on the rest of the bacon I cooked, a peanut butter Know Foods Cookie, a pack of peanut butter NUI cookies, had a couple of FBOMB nut butter packets here and there… and basically just whatever I had on hand throughout the week.

I love the Nut Butter Fat Bomb packets for a quick meal replacement, to power through a long afternoon at work, while I’m hiking or even on road trips.

They’re delicious! Plus they have very few “real food” ingredients. ♥

Keto Fat Bombs - Portable Packs

I haven’t really been eating much this week actually…

Here’s my MyFitnessPal diary from yesterday for example:

Free Low Carb Food Diaries - Daily Keto Meal Ideas

Less than 1400 calories and only 12 net carbs, but my LCHF macros are still on point. 😉

When I did my shopping at Kroger I got some cauliflower rice, asparagus & zucchini noodles so I’m looking forward to a weekend full of delicious low carb veggies.

I may go out and get some shrimp to go with that, because a sweet & spicy seared shrimp sounds great with those vegetables!

I made a quick stop at Ozone Falls on my way back from my road trip earlier this week too. One of my favorite spots! And a great place to enjoy the fat bomb packets for lunch in the sunshine – which was a much better stop than a noisy restaurant. 😉

LowCarbTraveler at Ozone Falls - Keto Hiking, Lynn Terry

I’m off to work on a (hopefully delicious!) low carb zucchini nut bread recipe. Wish me luck… If I get it just right, I’ll share it with you in my next post. 😉

Oh – and I’m working on lining up two more fun giveaways for you too, so stay tuned for the details. In the meantime, make sure you do all 7 entries for the $100 Cash Giveaway before it ends in a few days…

How are things going with you?

Leave a comment and let’s chat!:)

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler


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