F/23/5’3/378lbs I’m scared to start

Sorry if it’’ s babble however this is my very first time publishing and I’’ m not the very best at composing. Any suggestions is valued!

My fiancé states we are going to be beginning keto next Friday and I’’ m truthfully frightened. I’’ ve never ever done anything seriously to reduce weight. Whenever I’’ ve attempted I ’ ve quit so rapidly. I’’ m at the end of my rope with this. I’’ m tired, my body injures, I ’ m constantly uneasy, therefore extremely self mindful. I’’ m unhealthy and understand I require to lose a great little weight to be able to continue a comfy and healthy life however I simply wear’’ t understand how to start and keep with it.

I have stress and anxiety and anxiety and food has actually constantly been my go to. Unfortunate= food, pleased= food, upset= food. I put on’’ t understand how I ’ ll cope when my preferred thing will be eliminated from me. Any suggestions would be extremely useful. I’’ ve never ever connected for assist with this prior to however my fiancé has actually been useful and extremely encouraging. I think I simply require a little guidance from individuals who have actually went through it.

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