Ketogenic diet is when you can have low carbohydrate and high fat meals. Some of the health benefits are stated below.


Keto diet takes you to the state of ketosis where in body starts consuming fats as a source of fuel instead of glucose. It starts lowering the LDL, high blood pressure. Instead starts increasing HDL which is good cholesterol and protects heart.

Obese people face problem of the heart risks and cardiovascular diseases.


It is a symptom of metabolic syndrome wherein there is high amount of hormonal dysfunction can be observed. The common symptoms of the PCOD can be irregular periods and infertility.

Women suffering from the same are asked to reduce weight and go into keto diet because of the less carbohydrate. Reduction in production of testosterone and insulin levels is observed.


As it was seen in first point that keto diet seems to have improvement in heart health which means that there can be reduction of blood sugar levels. The low carb diet helps in reducing the amount of unwanted sugars.

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