How to create simple no-cook meals — Diet Doctor Explores

Making meals sometimes feels like a never-ending chore. At times, we’d rather not spend one more minute in the kitchen.

Imagine putting together a healthy, nutritious meal in less time than it takes to go to a drive-thru. Imagine a kitchen that stays relatively clean in the process.

You can! On this week’s Diet Doctor Explores, host Kristie Sullivan shows you simple ways to create a delicious meal in minutes — no cooking required!

Not only will Kristie give you dozens of ideas, but she’ll also build a quick and tasty no-cook meal in minutes right before your eyes.

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Keto-meal-plan- no-cooking-01_Keto-meal-plan- no-cooking-01_General tips for creating meals without cooking

Meal planWant a week off cooking? This week’s meal plan is crammed with no-cook yet deliciously tasty meals that are perfect if you’re looking to spend less time in the kitchen.

No-cookingNo-cookingNo cook meal plans for even more ideas

In a hurry? Too busy? Traveling? What ever the reason, we have the solution. Our easy low-carb no-cooking meals are perfect for times when spending even the slightest amount of time by the stove seems too much.

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