My Low Carb Frozen Yogurt 😋 + Lolli’s Sale!

Did you know you can mix low carb yogurt with almond butter, macadamia nut butter or even peanut butter 🥜🍯 and it makes yogurt SUPER CREAMY and absolutely delicious?!

I discovered this because I don’t actually LIKE yogurt, but my doctor recommended I eat it more regularly after dealing with gut health issues last year – and mixing almond butter in with it did the trick for me. 🥰

I started out getting all fancy with it, layering it up into a pretty parfait (picture below), but the truth is: I just stirred that all together after the picture was taken – – and THAT is how I discovered “frozen yogurt” was my favorite way to eat this.

I’ll explain… 😉

Keto Yogurt Parfait LCHF Breakfast

It’s been HOT here lately ☀ so a delicious COLD breakfast with a fun flavor & texture combination has been nice!

In my “fancy parfait” above (that’s fancy for me, lol) is a low carb yogurt layered with a flavored nut butter, strawberries & blueberries and Lolli’s Keto Cookie Clusters.

Lolli’s Clusters are on sale right now, by the way. It’s marked down $2 off per half pound bag on the website, plus you can use my coupon code to get an additional 10% off the sale prices – for a double discount! 💕

📲 Lolli’s Keto Cookie Clusters

Lolli's Cookie Clusters Sale

👩‍🍳 See ALL the ways I love to eat Lolli’s here, including my candy recipe and muffin recipe plus parfaits and breakfast cereal…

Low Carb Frozen Yogurt – A Healthy Breakfast Treat!

I don’t know if you can really call this “frozen yogurt” but I mentioned this on Instagram and several people tried it and LOVED IT too – so it might be something you end up loving as a breakfast option as well. 😉

Low Carb Frozen Yogurt

It’s definitely a healthy breakfast treat, or great for lunch too, or even dinner on those nights you don’t want to cook. I have a lot of those. 😇😅

It’s SO refreshing on hot august days too, when I don’t feel like eating a heavy hot meal – or even turning on the stove or oven.

Warning: It’s not very pretty. It’s just delicious. 😁

In my bowl above is low carb yogurt, Justin’s almond butter (any nut butter is fine), blueberries and Lollis Cinnamon Pecan Keto Cookie Clusters (crumbled up).

I just stir it all together, then stick it in the freezer for about 15 minutes. The nut butter makes the yogurt way creamier and richer – and sticking it in the freezer makes it way more like a bowl of delicious frozen yogurt or ice cream type consistency. 😍

Cold Low Carb Breakfast

It’s actually a great combination as-is, just all dumped in a bowl and eaten like that. And it does look much prettier that way – lol.

Not that I care once it’s going in my face! 😜

Keto Yogurt Breakfast Ideas

You can play around with the amounts to suit you, and the ingredients too of course.

Feel free to get creative!

You can add chopped walnuts or pecans, any kind of low carb granola or something similar, a sprinkle of cinnamon & sweetener, use a flavored nut butter, add a dash of heavy cream to make it creamier maybe (?)… lots of ideas!

🥣 What’s in MY bowl:

* 1 serving (170g) of Fage 5% yogurt
* 2 TBSP of Justin’s Almond Butter
* 35 grams of frozen wild blueberries
* 2.25 oz Lolli’s Cinnamon Pecan Clusters (crumbled)

Being honest, this came out to just over 800 calories and 12 net carbs – but I ended up making two meals out of it because I couldn’t eat it all.

You could easily use half the blueberries and even half the yogurt. I did that a couple of times too. But considering this made two meals for me, breakfast and lunch, plus a very low carb dinner – my macros worked out just fine for the day. 😉

Plus it was DELICIOUS.

I actually like it better after it’s been in the refrigerator for awhile (leftover), or in the freezer for about 15 minutes, which is how I originally discovered I liked it that way – because I made more than I could eat in one sitting. 💁

Low Carb Frozen Yogurt

I mentioned above that I used FAGE 5% yogurt…

A lot of people have asked me about low carb yogurt options. I like both FAGE and Two Good Yogurt, which are the two I’ve been getting lately.

Keto Friendly Low Carb Yogurt

The carb count is about the same for both, for the same portion size: 4 carbs for Two Good Yogurt and 5 carbs for Fage. They both taste great, but I do like the simplicity of the ingredients with the Fage yogurt.

FAGE Keto Friendly Yogurt

Kroger has their own brand of low carb yogurt called Carbmaster that I like too. Also there’s a newer brand called Peak Yogurt which I haven’t got to try yet, but I’ve heard GREAT things about it. So those are 4 yogurts to look for: Carbmaster, Fage, Two Good and Peak.

Anyway, I’m LOVING this combo!

🥄 All stirred together, stick it in the freezer for 15 minutes & it’s like a creamy bowl of chunky ice cream – for dinner. 🥰

You could also make a pretty parfait, cute little cheesecake cups, or some other gorgeous masterpiece… but I’m over here eating it already, because I’m not in the mood for all that. 😅

Cold Keto Breakfast Ideas

📌 Here’s the pretty version, plus other ways I love to use Lolli’s in meals:

Adding almond butter or macadamia nut butter to yogurt is SO good. It makes it much creamier when you stir them together – and a quick hit in the freezer makes it a semi-frozen TREAT that’s still healthy enough to call a meal! 💯

If you try this idea, I’d love to hear what you think of it.

Or if you have something similar, or a creative addition/option I haven’t thought of yet with these ingredients, leave a comment & let me know. The more ideas the better!

Because I can’t ALWAYS eat eggs (lol, seriously!), and lately… a hot breakfast just does NOT appeal with the heat & humidity here in Tennessee. 😛

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. Lolli’s Cookie Clusters makes great low carb cereal too!

I add berries and use unsweetened almond milk. YUM! 🥣

Lolli’s Clusters are on sale until Saturday night – or until she reaches baking capacity. It’s marked down $2 off per half pound bag on the website, plus you can use my coupon code to get an additional 10% off the sale prices – for a double discount! 💕

📲 Lolli’s Keto Cookie Clusters

Enjoy! ~xo


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