Instant Pot King Ranch Chicken Soup

This spicy chicken soup is so simple and incredibly hearty to develop. Chicken, butter, and spices are simmered in the Instant Pot then thickened up with cream, xanthan gum, and cheese. , if you do not have an Instant Pot you can likewise prepare in a sluggish cooker for 4-6 hours..

 Instant Pot King Ranch Chicken Soup

This soup smells incredible! When I produce it, I constantly get compliments from other individuals in the home. I believe you’ll like this if you enjoy our King Ranch Chicken Casserole, however do not have a great deal of time to develop the low-carb tortillas. read more

Pecan Softies with Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate

Pecan sandies were my preferred cookies as a kid however ask I’’ ve grown older I choose a softer bake. That’’ s why these pecan softies are the ideal mix of nutty pecan taste with the goodness of a soft baked cookie!

 Pecan Softies with Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate

With tips of salt and hunks of roasted pecans, this cookie tastes like anything however keto! By making the cookie base in a food mill, you can get a rough slice which causes a lower calorie yield per cookie, plus its simple clean-up and comes together in minutes! It requires less butter than a conventional ““ sandy ” however you won ’ t miss out on any of the fat as the nuts are both naturally excellent sources of healthy fats. read more

Carbs on Keto: How to Time Your Carbs To Stay in Ketosis

If you’’ re just consuming a restricted quantity of carbohydrates on keto, exists any advantage to consuming all of them in one sitting versus spreading them out throughout your day?

Many individuals think you ought to consume all your carbohydrates in the early morning and work them off as your day advances, however that’’ s never ever been clinically shown to assist you reduce weight or develop muscle.

What about fasting then carb-loading and pre-workout later on?

This popular path has been around in bodybuilding and endurance professional athlete circles permanently, however can it deal with a more useful, daily level for reducing weight? read more

11 Ketosis Symptoms and Signs – Be Sure You’re Doing Keto Correctly

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As you already know, the keto diet is great for weight loss, getting rid of brain fog, decreasing your risk for heart disease, and setting yourself up for long-term health.

But how do you know if your keto diet is actually working?

It’s pretty simple: there are specific ketosis symptoms and signs of ketosis you’ll experience so you don’t have to stress if you’re doing the keto diet “right” or not. read more

Keto Brownie Ice Cream Recipe

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Some individuals believe that cutting down on carbohydrates and sugar implies quiting on dessert for excellent, however we understand much better. With a bit of replacement, even the most decadent desserts can be made Keto-friendly. Take this Keto brownie ice cream. It’’ s a double chocolate surge with chocolate ice cream and chocolate drizzle. The indulgent brownie ice cream is made with cacao powder and a mix of almond milk and coconut cream for the ideal luscious texture. The chocolate drizzle integrates 100% dark chocolate with buttery sliced walnuts. Together, the ice cream and drizzle make the best set, velvety, crispy, and perfect for dessert. read more

No More Eggs Please! 🙄 Keto Food Diary…

Keto SnacksToday’s food diary is just eggs, and more eggs, and coffee.

This is why I haven’t been writing daily food diaries lately, lol – ugh. 🙄

I’ve mostly been eating the same thing over and over. I’ve been through lots of eggs (TEN yesterday in fact), plus going through Atkins frozen meals I stocked up on, and the foods I had here to review – just keeping it simple & easy.

I shared a lot of those low carb convenience foods in my last post. I simply haven’t felt like cooking or shopping or even eating really, so I’m getting by on the easy stuff. read more

How To Cure Plantar Fasciitis

As many of you know, Brad is my longtime writing partner, host of the Primal Endurance podcast and host of the weekly keto show on the Primal Blueprint podcast. (He’s just started his own podcast recently called Get Over Yourself. You can check it out and even listen to an edition he’s called “The Ultimate Mark Sisson Interview.”) Our relationship goes back 30 years to when I was Brad’s coach during his career on the professional triathlon circuit. The start of Brad’s chronic plantar fasciitis ordeal dates back nearly that long, until he was completely cured in a matter of weeks back in 2011. Hence, the subject of today’s post! If you are a sufferer, pay close attention because we dove deep into this topic and are giving you the tools to never suffer again. read more

Keto Shrimp and Cucumber Appetizer Recipe

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This low carbohydrate Keto shrimp and cucumber appetiser dish is ideal for a fast weekend get together or celebration on a hot summer season night. With cooling cucumber and a little chili pepper for kick, this simple and fast starter makes certain to be a hit.

.Shrimp Preparation Tips.

You put on’’ t requirement to purchase fresh shrimp to make this tasty dish. Compared to fresh, frozen shrimp are a deal and they can be kept in your freezer for 4 to 6 months. For the very best quality, constantly purchase separately frozen shrimp. Simply try to find the letters IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) on the bag. Frozen shrimp can be securely defrosted over night in the fridge. read more

SV/NSV Lost a little over 100lbs in 1.5 years

I started with the typical diet plan and workout regular and lost about 40lbs in 6 months. I sort of got stressed out and let my bad consuming routines overcome me. I then got about 5lbs back. My work schedule altered and I lost my health club time. Another 5lbs back. That method was not sustainable for me and my schedule.

I needed to go about it another method. I discovered keto and the lifestyle modification permitted me to not just consume much healthier however simply fits with me. I began keto in February obviously his year and I am down another 67lbs ever since. Once I come down to my objective weight I will most likely include some lifting workout or body weight workouts to get in much better shape. read more

Keto BLT Sandwich

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Some individuals believe going Keto implies no more sandwiches. Thankfully for the sandwich-lovers amongst us, that is not the case! With a little adjustment, you can have your sandwich and consume it too! Take this Keto BLT. It is jam-packed filled with the exact same BLT goodness you understand and likes with a couple of small modifications, sandwiched in between Keto bread and voila! It’’ s the low-carb sandwich of your dreams! read more