Five-Minute Keto Fried Sardines Recipe with Olives

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Feeling adventurous? This five-minute keto fried sardines recipe with olives may be just the ticket to your new favorite unorthodox snack!

Why Eat Sardines?

First of all, why not? For one thing, they’re quite good for you. As is typical of fish, they offer a ton of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. You’ll also get a heap of iron, calcium, and potassium.

And that’s not all – your snack will also provide vitamin B2, vitamin B12, and niacin. read more

Keto Pepperoni Chips Recipe

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Chips are a no-go on a keto diet. Or are they? This keto pepperoni chips recipe will satisfy your salty cravings with a crispy crunchy snack!

The Easiest Snack Ever

Veggies have to be washed and chopped. Fruit needs to be washed and peeled (and eaten carefully and in limited quantities to stay in ketosis). Eggs need to be cooked.

Sometimes you don’t have time to mess with all that. And sometimes you just want to be lazy. That’s where this pepperoni recipe comes in. read more

Easy Keto Mustard Chicken Recipe with Radishes and Spinach

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This simple-to-make dish exudes brightness and will most certainly bring a dash of joy to your day. Just like assembling the layers of a vibrant painting, this recipe gives you the palate to make it bright, beautiful, and your own with accessible, low carb ingredients that are available year round. The dark green of the wilted spinach compliments the pale scarlet ringlets of radish slices.

Finally, the mustard sauce adds a bright, vibrant hue to tie the dish together. It’s undeniable, you will certainly have as much fun designing this beautiful keto dish as you well cooking it! read more

Not Losing Weight on Keto? Here are 10 Reasons Why

You’re frustrated.

Despite seeing success story after success story, you’re not losing weight on keto. You were expecting an immediate “whoosh” but after an initial couple of pounds lost, your scale hasn’t budged. 

The ketogenic diet can be tough to master if you don’t know the right steps to take to get into ketosis. And once you’re in ketosis, how do you set yourself up for successful, continuous weight loss

Here are the top 10 reasons you might not be losing weight on the ketogenic diet. read more

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While Your Body Does All Of The Work!

What fuel are you working on?

Likely, your response is carbohydrates, like starches, fruit, and other sugars.
When you stroll, or talk, or just relocate through your daily routine, you are shedding energy, and also commonly most people obtain their power from Dietary Carbohydrates

Much of the time, particularly with the contemporary heavy-carb diet plan, your energy comes from carbohydrates. These are sugars as well as starches, which are damaged down right into glucose, which is then made use of by the body for energy. read more

50+ Healthy Keto Snacks to Help with Ketosis

One of the most satiating diets is the keto diet. Keto-friendly foods are typically so filling that keto dieters end up eating fewer calories — and, in many cases, fewer meals — throughout the day. This allows them to lose weight sustainably.

However, just because you are following keto doesn’t mean that you are immune to hunger and afternoon energy crashes. If you are not prepared, and the convenience of processed, carb-dense snacks beckons you, you may very well find yourself with a mouthful of food that makes it even harder for you to achieve your health goals. read more

Insulin Resistance: How The Ketogenic Diet Helps

Have you heard about the connection between low carb eating — like the ketogenic diet — and insulin resistance?

While it may sound strange at first, there may be a positive effect between eating a low carb, high fat ketogenic diet and lowering or even eliminating your insulin resistance, as we’ll discuss in today’s guide.

We’ll dive into:

What Is Insulin Resistance?

Why Insulin Resistance is Bad News What Causes Insulin Resistance? How to Tell If You’re Insulin Resistant How a Ketogenic Diet Improves Insulin Resistance Lifestyle Choices to Reverse Insulin Resistance read more

A novices overview of a complete week of consuming keto-friendly, planned with dishes ff/businessinsider? d= qj6IDK7rITs” border=” 0″/> <a href=" Shutterstock. If you' & rsquo; re a newbie preparing your weekly keto diet plan method, make the meals as easy as possible. Easy keto dinner meals follow one truly basic principle: lean protein, plus a low-carb vegetable side, plus a green salad. . & ldquo; It & rsquo; s all right to replicate foods, nevertheless one should pursue a variety of foods as generally as possible to benefit from the unique dietary profile– the vitamins and minerals– of each, ” & rdquo; states Paul Salter, MS, RD, developer of Fit in Your Dress– and nutrition editor for

Ketosis Vs. Intermittent Fasting

Ketosis (Ketogenic diet plan) and periodic fasting are subjects that frequently fall under the very same kinds of discussions. That being stated, they do have distinctions that can lead you to question if one’s much better than the other or how both can suit your life. We can assist you there!

We’ll be comparing ketosis vs. periodic fasting– beginning with a summary of each, then seeing exactly what they share and how they vary.