Photo Tour of My Low Carb Meals (& Miserable Trip 😜)

This trip went downhill FAST, but I’ll save you the details and just give you a photo tour of the meals I ate on my trip last week.

I knew staying at Opryland Hotel would make for expensive meals, and also that the conference I was attending had 12 hour days with long walks and long lines on short breaks, so I did bring some of my favorite keto snacks to have on hand.

I’m SO glad I did too. I had my last few Perfect Keto bars on me as part of that stash. Those are still Buy 2 Get 1 Free today in case you missed that sale last week. I just stocked up – again. 🙂

Day 1: Dinner at Wasabi / Cascades in Opryland Hotel

This one cost me almost 40 bucks, but it was worth EVERY PENNY.

I got there in the late afternoon but had to get checked in, settled in, go to event registration etc – so it was late and I was famished by the time I had dinner.

I ordered the salmon (grilled plain, please) with steamed grean beans and it came topped with arugula tossed in olive oil & lime. FABULOUS meal!

Keto Dinner at Opryland Hotel in Cascades Cafe

It’s a good thing I splurged on that amazing meal, and ate all of it, because Day Two didn’t go so great – and I didn’t end up getting a meal on Wednesday at all.

This is me getting a little “hangry” by late evening. 😅

Lynn Terry as LowCarbTraveler
If you click that image it will show you my fun 4″ loafers too.:)

Fortunately I had my favorite keto collagen bars in my room, so I had one of those for breakfast before I headed to the conference.

Keto Breakfast On The Go

Opryland Hotel is HUGE, and our event alone had over 4,000 attendees. I didn’t manage to get lunch during the break. The lines were long and there was just no way to make it happen in time – or I didn’t manage to at least.

I waited in one line too long and then they had to turn us away, or said they’d be at capacity well past our start back time.

Fortunately I had Macadamia Nut Butter packets in my bag, which I keep on me ALWAYS for cases like this on the go. 😉

These are from FBOMB and our discount code is LOWCARBTRAVELER. I heard they just came out with bars too, btw! I can’t wait to try those.

Portable Keto Packets - Low Carb On The Go

I also didn’t get back to the conference room in time to easily find a seat.

It was DARK in our room (a theatrical production) and it was sold out with something like 4,500 attendees. The chairs were SMALL, and some people needed more than one – which I totally understand.

After wandering around in the dark for a bit I just pulled up a piece of carpet in the back of the room and ate my nut butter. 🤷‍♀️

I missed dinner that night too. A miscommunication on my part I guess.

I was supposed to meet a friend after the last session, but I waited over an hour – and the only thing left open by then were bars and a market.

I still can’t eat salads because of my gut health issues (they had boxed salads at the market I could have picked apart)… and honestly I was just too tired to care anymore by 11’ish pm.

Scratch that – I was WIPED OUT, ugh.

After not having a meal on Wednesday, I was DETERMINED to get some solid food in me the next day.

I made the trek over to the Cascades from the Delta section.

If you’re not familiar with Opryland Hotel, here’s a map. The convention area is in the top right corner, Cascades is in the lower left.

I ordered 3 eggs (cracked eggs please, no milk) scrambled with cheddar cheese, bacon and strawberries & blueberries.

Opryland Keto Breakfast

TIP: If you don’t ask for cracked eggs at Cascades Cafe, they use bagged liquid eggs.

Determined NOT to miss that meal, given I hadn’t had a meal the day before, I skipped my shower and threw on my walking shoes (it was A LOT of walking lol) to try to get breakfast AND get to the event on time that day.

I figured I’d eat a BIG breakfast, then get my shower during the lunch break – since lunch was practically impossible anyway. 😉

Keto For One

I had to get it to go to make it back on time.

Did I mention it’s a long walk? 🙂

Keto To Go at Opryland Hotel

I still did not get a seat – again. 😛

No worries, I sat in the floor and ate my cold (by then) breakfast. Quite a few other people did as well. There just wasn’t anyone sitting by me at this exact moment when I asked a random guy walking by to grab a picture for me to share with you. 🙂

Keto On The Run

Breakfast was delicious by the way, even cold. 🙂

Especially after NOT eating food the day before, lol.

That night we had a catered event. What day am I on now? Ah, Thursday – Day 3. It was a working dinner, and the buffet was… Rice Bowls.

I managed to find some good stuff I could eat though: shredded chicken, roasted mushrooms (plucked out of the sweet potato tray), almonds, feta cheese and guacamole.

Keto Foods from a Buffet

Old Hickory Steakhouse inside Opryland Hotel

This is a fancy steakhouse, reservations only.

It’s one of those places where they serve “shared sides” (mostly carbs I wouldn’t eat) so I just ordered the scallops off the appetizer menu.

I got three. 🤔🤣

Keto Appetizers at Fancy Restaurants

They were cooked/served in some fancy (sugary) cranberry sauce so I requested mine cooked in butter only. They were okay, very sandy but okay.

(truth: not recommended)

Remember my berries from breakfast on Day 3? I got full on the bacon and eggs so I put those in the refrigerator in my room and had them for lunch on Day 4 (Friday).

Easy Keto Meals On The Go

I had lunch in my room and I paired them with a Cinnamon Roll Perfect Keto Collagen Bar. 😍 Delicious combo!!

Perfect Keto Bars

For dinner, I took myself out. 🙂

Back across the hotel to the Cascades Cafe!

Lynn Terry aka Low Carb Traveler

I ordered the cheeseburger (no bun please) with steamed green beans instead of fries, some of that delicious arugula on the side – and a creamy mustard sauce (it’s just mustard and heavy cream – I asked).

Keto Dinner at Cascades in Opryland Hotel

That was a fabulous meal. 🙂

I didn’t get to finish it though, which is a long story I don’t feel like getting into right now. With all the walking and very few meals, I was FAMISHED by (I forget what day we’re on)… ah, Saturday morning.

I made the walk back over to the Cascades bright and early for their breakfast buffet.

Keto Cascades Breakfast Buffet at Opryland

I got an omelet cooked to order (two cracked eggs, no milk, cheddar & spinach), and got bacon and sausage off the buffet – plus strawberries, blackberries and blueberries.

Keto Fruit Berries Only

The berries were SO fresh and SO flavorful, and…

The omelet was DELICIOUS!

Keto Omelet Breakfast


Keto Breakfast at Opryland Hotel

Except about half the berries, and my server was kind enough to bring me a cup to take those to go. I hated to see them thrown out, and I knew I’d eat them.

She even told me to go get a few more and fill up my cup on the way out. 😉

Keto On The Go

At this point in the trip I’d been stuck in “the disneyworld of nashville” (ie Opryland Hotel) around four full days, and NONE of it was going well – at all.

Opryland Hotel is LOUD

I said I was going to leave out the commentary. 🤐 lol…

I just kept dusting myself off and throwing my smile back on – and diving right back into it all. I had places to be, things to do, a conference to attend of course, a meeting that afternoon, work I still had to get done on the go, yada yada yada.

Lynn Terry at Opryland Hotel Keto On The Go with LowCarbTraveler

I did that until I just couldn’t anymore…

Then I packed up my stuff, threw on my jacket and LEFT.

This trip was a fail from the get go.

It was SO bad it’s almost comical (almost). Someday I’ll look back and laugh hysterically at just what a trainwreck it was start to finish. (someday – NOT today).

At this point I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, but the idea of staying inside that hotel ONE MORE MINUTE made me absolutely batty, and I didn’t much feel like going anywhere else either.

Not anywhere with people, or with any more bad experiences – period.

So I sat in my car in the parking lot and pulled that cup of berries out of my bag, along with my last Cinnamon Roll keto bar, and called that dinner before I drove home.

Keto On The Go


Apologies for the mood. I really meant for this just to be a photo tour of low carb meal options at Opryland Hotel that are keto friendly, in case you ever find yourself there – or another type of resort/hotel where you need to make quick meal decisions.

Definitely pack snacks. 😉

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. I love my collagen keto bars. They’re still Buy 2 Get 1 Free right now if you want to grab some, but I’m not sure for how much longer.

Those are my GO TO for a quick, convenient keto meal replacement as you saw. They’re made with great ingredients and they keep me satisfied better than other bars. Plus they’re delicious with berries. 😋

Perfect Keto Bars

The new Birthday Cake bar (below) and the Cinnamon Roll flavor are both softer and creamier. Those are two of my favorites. Almond Butter Brownie and Lemon Poppyseed are the other two I love, so those are my top 4 picks with their bars.

I use their unflavored collagen powder daily too, so getting one free is a GREAT deal. I just stocked up – again. 🙂

Perfect Keto Birthday Cake Bars

p.p.s. Opryland Hotel in Nashville TN is a beautiful place. I’m from Tennessee so I’ve been there quite a few times and I’ve always loved it. Just not THIS time.

But the food was delicious. 🙂 Except the scallops and rice bowl bar thingy. The rest of it was fabulous though. The Cascades Cafe is definitely where you want to eat if you’re ever there.


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