How to Optimize Your Mitochondrial Health

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If you want to avoid becoming a cancer statistic (and who doesn’t?) you’d do well to familiarize yourself with the metabolic theory of cancer.

In August 2016, we presented the Game Changer Award to Thomas Seyfried, Ph.D.,1 a professor of biology at Boston College and a leading expert and researcher in the field of cancer metabolism and nutritional ketosis. read more

Mistletoe Injections for Tumor Treatment

According to the National Cancer Institute,1 an approximated 1.7 million brand-new cases of cancer will be identified in the United States in 2018. The most typical cancers are breast lung, cancer and bronchus cancer, prostate cancer and colon and anus cancer. Cancer death is greater in ladies than in males and over 35 percent of females and guys will be identified with cancer at some time in their life.

Based entirely on data, it is most likely the majority of people either have an individual experience with or understand somebody who has actually had cancer. Emerging clinical information reveal the advancement of cancer as not a hereditary issue however rather a metabolic illness, mostly rooted in mitochondrial dysfunction. read more

A natural yellow chemical compound you can find in any grocery store could help fight cancer, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s

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Turmeric, and the chemical compound derived from it, called curcumin, have some amazing health benefits.
In addition to being a proven anti-inflammatory that helps boost circulation, turmeric may also be an anti-cancer, antioxidant therapy that can fight off brain plaques, possibly helping prevent diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and more.
Unlike a lot of other vitamins and supplements, it’s cheap.

Doctors are increasingly embracing the idea that the food we eat may be as good as any disease-fighting, immunity-boosting drug. read more