Keto Challenge Week 5 Weigh In: Celebrating or Struggling?

Hey! How did your weekend go? I look forward to hearing your results so far in our 2020 Keto Challenge. I can’t wait to hear your update this week: the good, the bad, the frustrations or questions or struggles… let’s talk!

Are you Celebrating or Struggling?

I included a motivational graphic below that says: BE STRONGER THAN YOUR STRONGEST EXCUSE. I know that can be hard to do sometimes…

The voices in our head win over, old habits are hard to break, it’s easy to just go through the motions instead of FIGHTING for what you want… I get it. read more

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Keto Challenge: Why 90 Days? 📅 Here’s How It Changed MY Life…

2020 Low Carb ChallengePeople have a hard time sticking to a diet (ANY diet) for more than a few days usually, much less 90 full days.

I get that.

Habits are hard to break, and change is difficult.

It used to be hard for me too. Scratch that: impossible! Or so it seemed and felt at the time. But that’s not the case anymore…

I’ll share MY story with you, and how I finally overcame that.

During the 7 years I’ve been hosting the 90 Day Low Carb Challenge I see THOUSANDS of people jump in motivated and excited every time I start one, only to drop off by the HUNDREDS by weeks two and three… with usually around 100 people at most showing up for the final weigh-in on Day 90… of every single challenge. 😥 read more

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How to Navigate Holidays & Social Events Gracefully on a Keto Diet

This week’s mini keto challenge may REALLY challenge you if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, or often get derailed by social events during the holidays – or even on the weekends. 😉

Fun vs Food at Social Gatherings

(or: Thriving instead of Depriving!)

There will ALWAYS be food-focused gatherings and social events in our lives, so it’s smart to consider how you’re going to handle those parties and situations ahead of time.

It starts with adjusting your mindset, but you also want to be totally PREPARED, and I’m going to help you with both! read more

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