Ketones and low carb in the time of Covid-19: Helpful or harmful speculation?


Is there solid evidence that eating low carb or having circulating ketones might be able to help prevent or fight a Covid-19 infection?

No, not yet. For now, it’s completely speculative.

Is it too soon to be sharing hypotheses and opinions? That’s being debated.

In fact, at Diet Doctor, our team has been discussing how best to cover new Covid-19 journal publications, especially as it applies to the risk factors of diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome. read more

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Gay man’s 90-day quarantine transformation goes viral and prompts debate

Greg BloomerGreg Bloomer (Photo: Twitter)

A gay man has seen a tweet he posted go viral this week. Greg Bloomer, a real estate agent in Chicago, has spent the past 90 days on a health drive.

While some of us have let our gym routines slide during the COVID-19 pandemic, some have thrown themselves into home workouts and taking extra time to prepare nutritious meals.

Besides demonstrating some impressive weight loss (approximately 50 lbs in 90 days), Bloomer’s tweet revealed he has a complicated relationship with his looks – something that struck a chord with many other gay men. read more

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BMJ editorial: Endorse low carb for COVID-19 prevention


A short but persuasive editorial in British Medical Journal is urging governments and policy makers to endorse the low-carb diet as a way to reduce the risk of serious complications from coronavirus infection.

Written by Australian science writer MaryAnne Demasi, PhD, who is deputy director of the Institute for Scientific Freedom, the editorial notes that statistics to date show patients with metabolic syndrome have worse outcomes:

the two most common underlying health conditions associated with COVID-19 infections are cardiovascular disease (32%) and diabetes (30%);
hospitalizations are six times higher among patients with a reported underlying condition (45.4%) than those without reported underlying conditions (7.6%);
deaths are 12 times higher among patients with reported underlying conditions (19.5%) compared to those without reported underlying conditions (1.6%);
two-thirds of people in the UK who have fallen seriously ill with COVID-19 have been overweight or obese and 99% of deaths in Italy have been in patients with pre-existing conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. read more

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For the love of eggs! 😅 Pandemic moments to remember…

37 days we were apart, in separate locations for self isolation. 📅

It started as a 14 day quarantine, during which time we learned about asymptomatic cases and 30 day viral shedding – so we chose to wait it out.

Both of us had been in high risk areas prior, and neither of us wanted to risk the health or life of the other…

We did our time. ⌛

We spent over a month each isolating ourselves from the rest of the world… so we could safely spend time together. 👫

Keto Couple - Staying Low Carb With A Busy Lifestyle

Aaron and I have been dating off & on for 3 1/2 years. read more

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No, You Don’t Need to Lose Weight During Your Self-Quarantine

I was minding my own business and innocently scrolling through Facebook when I saw it. Someone had posted a photo of a sumo wrestler and the words “OMG I’ve gained like 400 pounds in 4 days.” I shook my head at the image and words, shrugged, and moved on. I was hoping that this would be the only fatphobic meme I’d see online that day. I was wrong.

To my total surprise and frustration, more and more posts began pouring into my social media feed, as people joked about not being able to fit into their pants in a month, bragging about binge-eating too much cheese, or obsessively taking on the “10 Push Up” challenge like their life depended on it. For a moment, I forgot all about the global pandemic currently wreaking havoc on our world. Because right there on my computer screen, there was a collective crisis I couldn’t look away from. People seem to be scared shitless of the possibility that they will – gasp! – gain weight during their self-quarantine, and they don’t know how the hell to deal with it. read more

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