Low-carb and high-carb diets have similar effects on hunger

Night time is snack timeNight time is snack timeNight time is snack timeNight time is snack time

Do low-carb diets reduce appetite more than low-fat diets? A new study suggests the answer is no. How do we reconcile that with other studies that say the opposite?

Let’s get into the details. 84 overweight subjects with diabetes were randomized to a diet with 14% of energy from carbs (labeled as less than 50 grams per day) or a diet with 53% of energy from carbs. Both diets were designed to create a 500-1,000 kcal deficit. Researchers limited both diets to less than 10% saturated fats. By default, that likely means a high proportion of the fat in the low-carb diet came from oils rather than whole foods which would contain more saturated fats (like meat, eggs, chicken, dairy). read more

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