The hottest diet of 2019 is the one where you don’t diet

intuitive eating - vintage food spread

What if the secret to dieting is not to diet at all?

That’s the premise of several “dieting” books that have hit the shelves in 2019. Caroline Dooner’s bestselling The F*ck It Diet, Laura Thomas’s Just Eat It, Jenna Hollenstein’s Eat to Love, and celebrated Food Psych podcast host Christy Harrison’s forthcoming Anti-Diet all boast bright, simple covers and carry similar messages: that diets are damaging and even toxic to our bodies and minds, and that if we really want to take back ownership of our bodies, the only way out is to dispose of dieting altogether. The answer, according to these authors, is something called intuitive eating. And you don’t need a health shake, a meal plan, a fitness routine, or even a calorie-counting app to make it work. You simply need to listen to your body’s own natural hunger and fullness cues. read more

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