Is the Keto Diet Safe for Dancers?

Boundless energy. A more “toned” sensation. Reduced swelling. When Patricia Zhou (then dancing with the Staatsballett Berlin in Germany ) heard a buddy rave about the ketogenic diet plan’s supposed results over 2 years earlier, she understood she needed to provide it a shot. Zhou, who’s now with L.A. Dance Project , stuck to the ultra-restrictive diet plan longer than the majority of, however has actually because gone back to consuming generally. Why? And what can you gain from her experiences? DS consulted with Zhou and 2 nutritional experts to discover. read more

Granola Sale Today! 💚 + Keto Food Diary & Weigh In

I know a lot of you were waiting for the keto granola to go on sale again… Today is the day! ❤ My 10% off discount link works WITH the sale too, for a total of 25% off if you use this link: Enjoy 🙂

The sale ends at midnight tonight, so apologies for the last minute notice – I just caught it on Instagram myself. Sweet deal!

Daily Keto Food Diary

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a daily food diary of my keto meals with you because I’ve been doing a lot of testing lately. read more

Cortisol Hormone: Its Role In Stress, Inflammation, And Weight Gain

What is Cortisol?
How Does Cortisol Work?
How to Test Cortisol Levels
What Happens If You Have Too Much Cortisol
How Does Keto Affect Cortisol Levels?
Cortisol Hormone: The Takeaway

Cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone. Your lifestyle and stress levels affect the daily rhythms of cortisol in your body.

If you’re stressed out day-to-day and spend a lot of time in a fight-or-flight state, you probably have high cortisol levels.

Your health habits, diet, environment, and even your thoughts influence your cortisol levels. Too much or too little cortisol can have a negative impact on your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, immune system, sleep, mood, memory, and more. read more

Can Keto Help Prevent Heart Disease?

What is Heart Disease? Does the Keto Diet Cause Heart Disease? What’’ s The Deal With Cholesterol and Heart Disease? . 3 Reasons The Keto Diet is Heart-Healthy . Is Keto Healthy If You Already Have Heart Disease? . The Takeaway: Does Keto Cause Heart Disease?

Heart illness is the leading cause of death on the planet (that’s best — — the whole world) [ * ]


It ’ s the greatest public health concern in America, with heart problem numbers growing every year. read more

15 Easy One-Pot Keto Recipes

Thanks to Paleohacks for today’s amazing keto dish roundup!

Following the keto diet plan is a breeze with these simple, one-pot dishes!

Skip the complex dishes and keep unclean meals to a minimum with these scrumptious and nourishing keto meals that are anything however boring. Believe egg roll in a bowl with ground pork and a lot of pleasantly stir-fried veggies, or work up a fast pesto chicken for an easy Italian-inspired supper. You can even upgrade the classics with ultra-creamy tuna zoodle casserole. read more

My Keto Food Diary: 5.6 Pounds Lost in Just 4 Days

My ketone levels are rapidly rising while my weight is consistently dropping. That’s the kind of keto success I love! 🙂

In just four short days, I’ve dropped 5.6 pounds…

Keto SnacksTo be fair, I was out of ketosis when I started this challenge on Wednesday as I mentioned in my last post.

You can also see my first two days of food diaries in that post (Wednesday & Thursday’s meals) and my keto meals for Friday and Saturday are below.

Being out of ketosis for me means instant water weight & bloating (which is the case for most people) – but also very uncomfortable swelling and inflammation because I use nutritional ketosis to alleviate chronic pain from a severe back injury. read more

Instant Pot Short Ribs with Sesame Ginger Slaw

This meal includes brand-new tastes to the remaining brief ribs from recently’s home cooking dish —– and sets the ribs with a vibrant slaw that uses an increase of probiotic magic.

It’s a simple, fast meal that stabilizes the richness of brief ribs with fish sauce and balsamic vinegar with the fresh crunchiness of a slaw sweetened (somewhat) by our popular Primal Kitchen® ® Sesame Ginger Dressing. It’s a delicious and vibrant option for a big supper or a midweek supper celebration. read more

Keto Diet Plan And Grocery List For Beginners

The ketogenic diet plan —– or keto diet plan —– is an extremely low-carb diet plan that scientists are studying for its lots of health advantages. Early research studies in human beings and rodents recommend the keto diet plan might assist battle weight problems, diabetes, metabolic illness —– even cancer and Alzheimer’s illness [ * ] [ * ] [ * ]

And the short-term advantages of keto aren’’ t bad either. Weight loss, psychological clearness, and limitless energy are simply a few of the advantages keto dieters report. read more

Egg-Free Dairy-Free Keto “Bread” Rolls

 Keto bread rolls egg-free dairy-free gluten-free

It’s difficult to think that there is no wheat, dairy, eggs, or yeast in these fluffy low-carb supper rolls! The magic of high-fiber flax and psyllium husk powder produces a flexible dough that is integrated with almond flour, baking powder, water, and salt to make scrumptious and simple keto-friendly rolls.

The procedure to make these keto rolls is simple, however various than many fast bread. You’ll wish to check out the instructions thoroughly to ensure your dough comes together well and your rolls end up. read more

Join Us For the FREE 2019 Keto Kickoff! (Plus, A Keto Deal You Won’t Believe…)

It’’ s that time of year once again. Individuals are beginning to think of the brand-new year ahead, which constantly works together with resolutions focused on enhancing fitness and health. I have a concept: Why not make metabolic versatility your objective for 2019?

Metabolic versatility describes the capability to effectively utilize various substrates for energy. When you complimentary yourself from carb dependence, you can take pleasure in continual energy throughout the day. You can avoid a meal or more—– or perhaps participate in longer fasts—– conveniently. Contribute to this the capability to supercharge your physical fitness and sports efficiency, plus burn excess body fat without the deprivation of a conventional diet plan mindset. read more