BAKED LEMON GARLIC CHICKEN | easy juicy baked chicken breast

Baked Lemon Garlic Chicken is simple, complete and juicy of taste. This is a chicken breast dish that will not let you down which your entire household can delight in.
Baked Lemon Garlic Chicken:

This healthy chicken dish is naturally gluten-free, whole30, paleo and keto friendly, so it’s best for great deals of various dietary techniques. Make sure to visit my site for more tasty chicken dishes.


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No More Eggs Please! 🙄 Keto Food Diary…

Keto SnacksToday’s food diary is just eggs, and more eggs, and coffee.

This is why I haven’t been writing daily food diaries lately, lol – ugh. 🙄

I’ve mostly been eating the same thing over and over. I’ve been through lots of eggs (TEN yesterday in fact), plus going through Atkins frozen meals I stocked up on, and the foods I had here to review – just keeping it simple & easy.

I shared a lot of those low carb convenience foods in my last post. I simply haven’t felt like cooking or shopping or even eating really, so I’m getting by on the easy stuff. read more

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