045: Jonathan Bailor – Why Calorie Counting is Bogus & What to Do Instead

Calories matter and exist. The misconception is that calories are the thing that we ought to focus on in order to enhance our health and minimize our weight. Click To Tweet

Have you ever seemed like no matter what you did, consisting of dieting and working out, your weight still appears to remain the very same?

Is it possible that your body is locked into a set point that’’ s no longer reversible, due to age, way of life, hormonal agents, or some other element?

And is it real that you can decrease your set point by working out more and consuming less and following a calories in vs calories out mindset? read more

044: David Perlmutter – Brain Health, Grain Brain 5 Years Later, and How Diet & Exercise Affect Your Brain

We’’ ve got to get on these 30 and 40 years of age individuals and inform them that the way of life options you are making today are either going to lead the way for health or impairment 20, 30 years down the line. Click To Tweet

You might acknowledge Dr. David Perlmutter from his extremely effective book, Grain Brain, that made the New York Times — — 4 times I may include, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and The Globe and Mail’’ s finest sellers note 4 years back. read more