10 Reasons Why Eating Beef is Good for You and the Planet

is meat good for you the planetToday we’re sharing a post by guest authors Robb Wolf, New York Times Best Selling Author and one of the early advocates of the paleo lifestyle, and Diana Rodgers, RD, Real Food Dietitian and Sustainability Advocate. Robb and Diana co-authored Sacred Cow, an eye-opening book about meat, health, and sustainability, out this month. 

The ancestral health community generally accepts the right type of meat as a health food. In fact, eating animals is the number one guiding principle of the Primal lifestyle. Still, some groups advise against meat consumption. read more

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Does Protein Get Turned into Fat?

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Does Protein Get Turned into Fat? – Thomas DeLauer

Research study – JAMA

The function of this research study was to reveal the function of diet plan structure in action to overindulging and energy dissipation

More particularly, it took a look at whether the level of dietary protein impacted body structure, weight gain, and/or energy expense in topics randomized to among 3 hypercaloric diet plans: low protein (5%), regular protein (15%), or high protein (25%) read more

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