Nicole’s case: keto solves lifelong obesity and food issues


At 67 years of age, Nicole had been obese nearly all her life. At the age of 5, she remembers a photo of herself sitting on the porch alongside her sisters and cousins at her aunt’s house. It was clear in the photo that she was already obese. At 14, she weighed 95 kg (210 pounds). It was a painful experience for her being called fat at school.

When she was 17, Nicole went to see a dietician, who helped her get down to 66 kg (145 pounds), which she maintained until she got married at 22. A year into her marriage, her husband left to work in Northern Quebec for six years. He would come back for ten days of vacation every two months, and in the winter, he was at home from December until March. read more

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“Thank you Diet Doctor for all you do… you truly changed my life”


Mary shared her amazing keto success story with us last year, but she recently reached out to us in order to give us an update about her journey.

She has now reached (and even passed) her goal weight, and has maintained it for 9 months:

Mary’s story

Hi Amanda!

I have a success story on your site… when I submitted I was still on my weight-loss journey. I have now reached and actually passed my “goal weight” by 5 pounds (2 kg), and have maintained that weight for 9 months… so I would like to submit a final before and after… and update my story just a little? read more

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