Weekly Link Love—Edition 19

Don’t Miss the Deadline! Today (3/8/19) is the last day to go into the success story free gift! 3 rewards in all for 3 arbitrarily selected (total = review and pictures) submissions: a $200 Primal Kitchen present certificate for someone and a 5-book Primal library for 2 extra individuals. Everybody sending (at any time) will get a 20% off coupon for an order of their picking on PrimalKitchen.com or PrimalBlueprint.com. Email me your story in addition to photos. Please utilize the subject heading ““ My Primal Story.” ” Complete information here .

.Research study of the Week.

Sperm traffic jams pick the greatest .

In the minute, work isn’t so bad .

Compared to controls, groups comprised of CEOs are much better at complying together in tactical video games .

Injectable nanoparticles permit mice to see infra-red .

Neurons repair work themselves throughout sleep.

I wager huge ground sloths were tasty .

.New Primal Blueprint Podcasts.

Episode 317: Jimmy and Christine Moore : Host Elle Russ talks with Jimmy and Christine Moore about their brand-new book Real Food Keto.

Episode 318: Keto Q&A with Brad Kearns : Host Brad Kearns addresses your keto concerns.

Health Coach Radio Episode 2: Chris Kelly : Hosts Erin Power and Laura Rupsis chat with Chris Kelly, creator of Nourish Balance Thrive, which utilizes comprehensive laboratory screening to build individualized action prepare for customers.

Each week, choose Mark’’ s Daily Apple post are prepared as Primal Blueprint Podcasts. Required to capture up on reading, however wear’’ t have the time? Prefer to listen to posts while on the go? Take a look at the brand-new post podcasts listed below, and sign up for the Primal Blueprint Podcast here so you never ever miss out on an episode.

.Media, Schmedia.

Bridge gamer busted for doping .

.Fascinating Blog Posts.

How muscle memory really works .

Scientists marvel why human breasts are so consistent.

.Social Notes.

A excellent chance to win some tasty deals with.

Did some paddling .

.Whatever Else.

After presenting low-carb to his type 2 diabetic clients in a rural West Virginia health center and having excellent success, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella composed scientific standards for other healthcare facilities to follow . If this captures on, big news.

Fairy tales are method older than you believe.

What occurred to the hat ?

.Things I’’ m Up to and Interested In.

Podcast I delighted in: Tim Ferriss speaks with Michael Pollan about psychedelics . “Don’t take anything your granny would not have actually come across at Woodstock.”

I ‘d use a coat made from this to keep warm: Cross-section of Emperor penguin .

Article I’m checking out: Fiber and Colon Health on a Well-Formulated Ketogenic Diet

Interesting research study: Men contribute the most to panhandlers when in the business of a female .

I didn’t believe anybody else did this workout however me: The Tinkerbell .

.Concern I’m Asking.

How do you play?

.Dish Corner. Keto cacao healthy smoothie , with video. Paleo hoisin sauce from Nom Paleo.Time Capsule.

One year ago (Mar 3 –– Mar 9)

Why the Type of Folate You Take Matters –– What are you taking? 6 Older Studies That Got No Love But Should Have –– Older research studies aren’t worser research studies.Remark of the Week.

” We’’ ve developed that nitrates need to originate from plants, not chemical plants.””


– Even though I’m not entirely sure I concur, that is an excellent line, Angelica .

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