What is Epilepsy?

The NHS state that ‘‘ Epilepsy is a typical condition that impacts the brain and triggers regular seizures. Seizures are bursts of electrical activity in the brain that briefly impact how it works.

They can trigger a wide variety of signs’’.


Just like in Zachariah’s case, epilepsy can be connected to other conditions, for him it is his medical diagnosis of Lissencephaly (smooth brain) that triggers epilepsy.

.It impacts him every second of every day. There are no breaks or minutes of relief. There is no treatment.

Epilepsy features worry and unpredictability. Its a burglar. It doesn’’ t care. Epilepsy will strike huge at any time.


Epilepsy triggers discomfort, heartbreak, concern, and confusion.

. What we ’ ve been informed sofar …

“ Your child has life restricting epilepsy””. “ Your boy has life threatening and drug resistant epilepsy””. “ Your boy deals with continuous epileptic activity and there is very little else we can do for him””. “ Your children epilepsy is not serious sufficient to be thought about for CBD Oil, however it might eliminate him””.

. What we see …

Our beloved young boy looking into area, experiencing uncontrolled jerking, throwing up and spluttering, stiffening, not able to interact, not able to avoid his eye flickering, shaking.Our boy losing abilities he took so long to dominate.Our kid not able to get more than 4 hours of sleep per night due to seizures waking him up, and keeping him awake. Not able to focus at school as hes tired.

.What makes us happy ….

Zachariah continues to smile, establish and enjoy his life.Zachariah will not let epilepsy take a hold of his life, as he will press through and continue.

.How epilepsy impacts life ….

Zachariah takes medications two times daily to assist alleviate his seizures. He has 3 regular monthly centers to talk about and evaluate his epilepsy, from these conferences he’’ s had’different EEG ’ s, MRI ’ s, trialled various treatment such as the Keto diet plan and had his medications evaluated. Zachairah can not leave your home with rescue medications now, as he can enter into generalised seizure at any provided minute of the day.

There is worry, however there is a strategy, and there is hope.

My greatest fight with Zachariah’s epilepsy is the interaction barrier. Being non spoken and having extreme knowing troubles, he can not inform me when seizures are coming, occurring or when they’ve been.

.I have actually seen him for 5 years and investigated his epilepsy every day, to ensure I have the most info possible to promote for him at the health center.

It is a big obligation to state the least to look after somebody with epilepsy, it typically stresses me that I might get it incorrect, I might miss out on or equate an incorrect seizure one.

This concern can not get me down nevertheless, as I should remain concentrated and offer my child the very best care and advocacy.

You frequently hear parents/carers talk about the isolation of looking after a kid with epilepsy, and it can be real, however I have actually discovered that increasingly more people are talking so honestly about it, being raw and genuine to interact how heartbreaking it is.

I have actually experienced a lot of my good friends soldier through the unimaginable, and seen their kids end up being real warriors as they too battle it daily.

.We are not alone. We are a neighborhood who needs to support each other.

The image is of Zachariah and his buddies. All 3 of the young boys have the very same condition and fight epilepsy every day.

They are strong, and identified. They are warriors!

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