‘What should I eat?!’ Our 3-step guide for choosing the best foods for your body. [Infographic]

This user friendly visual guide reveals you how to make much healthier nutrition options, and figure out the very best foods for your body, objectives, and palate. Our basic three-step procedure assists you produce a tailored healthy-eating menu in simply a matter of minutes. And the very best part: Nothing’’ s off limitations.



“ What foods should I consume? ”


It ’ s a concern we hear typically. Often in desperation.


Not due to the fact that of the simple options– spinach, duh!—Due to the fact that of the not-so-obvious ones that trigger confusion,– however.

Foods that have actually been demonized then commemorated. Or well known then demonized. Or that been available in a lot of types it feels difficult to understand the very best option.

Over and over, we’’ re asked:

. Are potatoes bad or great?What about eggs?Can I consume pasta?Is cheese all right?Do I need to live without bacon? (We informed you about the desperation.).

To contribute to the confusion, it’’ s not constantly apparent how to categorize a food. Is it primarily protein? A carb? A fat? Many individuals understand to consume a mix of these macronutrients, yet aren’’ t sure how that searches in ““ genuine food ”. The outcome: more concerns.


That ’ s why we developed this useful, visual food guide. It ’ s created to assist you make much healthier options, no matter your understanding of nutrition.

But wear’’ t anticipate a list of “ authorized ” and “ off-limits ” foods. Rather, we like to think about foods on a spectrum from ““ consume more” ” to “consume some ” to “ consume less ”.


This method promotes among the most important viewpoints that goes through our nutrition training technique: Progress, not excellence.

Use our continuums to choose that are ““ simply a bit much better,” ” whether you ’ re consuming in your home, eating in restaurants with buddies, or handling banquet buffets on a work journey.

Plus, discover how to:

.Include a mix of proteins, veggies, carbs, and fat.Tactically enhance your food options—– based upon where you are right now—– to feel, move, and look much better.Tailor your consumption for your private way of life and (obviously) taste.

As a bonus offer, we’’ ve even supplied you area to develop your own individual continuum. That method, you can construct a scrumptious menu of healthy foods that are ideal for you—– no concerns asked.

Download this infographic for your tablet or printer and utilize the detailed procedure to choose which foods are best for you (or your customers).

Download the tablet or printer variation of this infographic to find your own individual ““ consume more,” ” “ consume some, ” and “ consume less ” foods( or, if you’ re a coach, to assistyour customers ).

. Notes

. Introduction.

This continuum of foods is broadly suitable to consuming designs throughout the world, providing a structure for individualizing food options to fit specific requirements, choices, and objectives.

Each specific’’ s food list will depend upon their:

.consuming design (e.g. keto, plant-based, Mediterranean, and so on),.activity level and type (e.g. expert triathlete, weekend warrior, desk employee, and so on),.objectives (e.g. enhance relationship with food, gain muscle, lose fat, promote health),.and more.

These useful lists frequently develop gradually, as all of us alter and grow.


Precision Nutrition’’ s nutrition professionals worked together to classify foods along the continuum, enabling numerous viewpoints, dispute, and choice making.

We thought about:

.Health/nutrition information.Advised everyday consumption.Reward and palatability worth.Nutrient density (macronutrients, micronutrients, phytonutrients, zoonutrients).Level of processing.

The objective here was not a ““ ideal, undebatable” ” list, however rather an useful, reliable tool to assist individuals advance towards health objectives.

.Exceptions are all over.

A food that’’ s “ consume less ” for a single person might be “ consume more ” for another. Some examples:

. For a plant-based eater who has a hard time to get adequate protein to satisfy their requirements, protein powder might go from ““ consume some”” to “ consume more ”. For somebody who currently consumes 2-3 portions of fatty fish weekly, fish/ algae “oil might transfer to “ consume less ”. Alternatively, somebody who hardly ever consumes fatty fish may gain from classifying fish/ algae oil as ““ consumemore ”. Sweet beverages are usually classified as ““ consume less ”. Endurance professional athletes might consider them an ““ consume some ” product throughout training, and perhaps even ““ consume more ” throughout competitors. For people who have a hard time to get lean mass, it might be useful to position a sweet protein + carb beverage in the ““ consume some ” classification for intake throughout workout.For somebody who values ecological sustainability above all else, your individual spectrum will once again look various (such as putting meat, water-hungry nuts like almonds, and other resource-intensive foods in the ““ consume some ” or “ consumeless ” classifications).

Ultimately, context matters. The continuum is indicated to be broadly appropriate to the majority of people. And yet it can never ever be totally precise for any single person. This is why we’ve supplied you the standards and tools to make your own spectrums and lists.

Click here to check out the production of the food continuum.

.If you’’ re a coach, or you wish to hellip &be;.

Learning how to coach customers, clients, pals, or relative through healthy consuming and way of life modifications—– such as assisting them make much better food options that match their individual choices—– is both a science and an art.

If you’’d like to read more about both, think about the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification . The next group starts soon.

What’’ s everything about?


The Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification is the world’’ s most appreciated nutrition education program. It offers you the understanding, systems, and tools you require to truly comprehend how food affects an individual’’ s fitness and health. Plus the capability to turn that understanding into a prospering training practice.

Developed over 15 years, and shown with over 100,000 clients and customers, the Level 1 curriculum stands alone as the authority on the science of nutrition and the art of training.

Whether you’’ re currently mid-career, or simply starting, the Level 1 Certification is your springboard to a much deeper understanding of nutrition, the authority to coach it, and the capability to turn what you understand into outcomes.

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