Yes – Alzheimer’s Can be Reversed!

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I’’ ve frequently been priced estimate as mentioning that there is no pharmaceutical technique that has significant efficiency on the treatment of Alzheimer’’ s illness. I have to continue to make this claim. As was just recently reported in the journal Neurology:

Despite terrific clinical efforts to discover treatments for Alzheimer’’ s illness( ADVERTISEMENT), just 5 medications are marketed, with minimal helpful impacts on signs, on a restricted percentage of clients, without adjustment of illness course. The frequency of ADVERTISEMENT doubles every 5 years reaching a worrying rate of 50% in those aged 85 years and older. In the context of the market patterns of contemporary society, where the senior are the fastest growing section of the population, recognition of brand-new restorative targets that might avoid, hold-up, or remedy ADVERTISEMENT is seriously required. (italics included).

The authors reemphasize what we understand: that there is no silver bullet readily available now, or in the foreseeable future, that will assist with this deadly and destructive condition.

I was discussing this difficulty with my buddy and coworker, Dr. Dale Bredesen, in 2015. He concurred that there was no single technique that worked in treating this illness, however went even more, specifying:

Clearly, there is no silver bullet for Alzheimer’’ s. What we require to do is utilize silver buckshot.


What Dr. Bredesen implied was that there are several concerns that are associated with the degeneration of the brain that manifest as Alzheimer’’ s illness. He presumes that a technique that isn ’ t simply concentrated on discovering a single treatment, however rather ameliorates a range of troublesome problems is the essential to fixing the Alzheimer’’ s difficulty.


He has actually established a program that acknowledges how several issues, consisting of hormonal agent imbalance, low vitamin D levels, toxic substances, raised blood sugar, jeopardized brain glucose metabolic process, increased bowel permeability, and lots of others, conspire to deteriorate the brain. He thinks that attention to and removal of these elements might well result in turnaround of Alzheimer’’ s illness.


We ’ ve found out that in those with Alzheimer’s illness, a number of the brain’’ s nerve cells are practical however not working. And the reason for this compromise in performance has actually been recognized and explained in clinical journals for several years. Essentially, a population of brain cells gradually loses the capability to utilize glucose sugar as a fuel and stay idle. When studying clients with the illness, this is the factor that PET scans that procedure brain metabolic process of glucose are made use of.

New research study shows that these idling nerve cells can be re-powered when ketones, a kind of fat made in the body when individuals are on a ketogenic diet plan , can permit these brain cells to restore their function. This reality is the thinking behind Dr. Bredesen’’ s addition of a ketogenic diet plan as one of the lots of utilize points in his detailed program.

What I’’ m so fired up to report is the reality that Dr. Bredesen’’ s procedure WORKS. He has actually now shown that Alzheimer’’ s illness is certainly reversible!

In his latest publication , Dr. Bredesen, dealing with a group of doctors in centers around the nation, showed how a diverse method has actually shown efficient in really reversing the cognitive decrease we see in clients with moderate cognitive problems (MCI), typically thought about to be a start to Alzheimer’’ s illness, in addition to in clients in whom the medical diagnosis of Alzheimer’’ s was currently verified.

And beyond the enhancement in brain function, essentially throughout the board, the real case reports expose how some people who were basically not able to take care of themselves were in fact able to go back to rewarding work.

What’’ s more, in a previous report Dr. Bredesen explains how some clients reveal real, unbiased enhancement in regards to their brain scans that read by independent radiologists.

As a neurologist, I can inform you that we’’ ve been trained to think these enhancements in Alzheimer’’ s clients can ’ t take place. It is taking place, right now, in centers around the nation.

Developing the singular, patentable and special drug, the silver bullet, to deal with Alzheimer’’ s, hasn ’ t took place, and most likely isn ’ t going to take place. This no doubt discusses why Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant, has actually now stopped their Alzheimer’’ s research study.


Dr. Bredesen concludes his landmark report specifying:

In summary, a targeted, individualized, accuracy medication method that deals with the numerous prospective factors to cognitive decrease for each client reveals pledge for the treatment of Alzheimer’’ s illness and its precursors, MCI and SCI (subjective cognitive disability). The enhancements recorded in the 100 clients reported here supply assistance for the efficiency of a potential, randomized, managed scientific trial, specifically offered the existing absence of reliable treatment for this otherwise terminal and typical disease.

Over the course of my medical profession I have actually been blessed by the chance to get in touch with some extremely forward-thinking clinicians and scientists around the world. This is the very first time that I will reveal that a specific person, in my viewpoint, is deserving of the Nobel Prize. Dr. Bredesen has actually leveraged a paradigm that challenges the basic method of modern-day Western medication. This tailored method acknowledges the basic reasoning in targeting several concerns to produce enhancement in Alzheimer’’ s illness. He has actually revealed us that this illness, now impacting some 40 million individuals around the world and costing over $1 trillion each year, isn’’ t a death sentence. Alzheimer’’ s can be reversed.


( L-R) Dale Bredesen, Aida Bredesen, David Perlmutter, and Leize Perlmutter

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